Canis lupus familiaris Domestic Dog

Or to you and me... your Dog!


We know that your dog is one of the most important members of your household and that in fact, let’s face it, the little mutt is most probably in charge!


Being a social animal, your dog likes to take the lead and enjoys being a valued member of the pack. They crave company and demand a great deal of attention. Leaving your dog at home while you’re out at work is never ideal, so our aim is to make it that little bit easier by providing a brilliant service that you and your best friend can truly rely on.   


Paws to consider... many behavioural problems such as chewing, digging and barking are often the result of boredom, isolation and insufficient exercise. Meeting up with and playing with other dogs can prove to be a stimulating social event, so a long walk, or walking with other dogs can do them the world of good and it's great for their all round development and well being. 

Daily exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy and, like us, they require physical as well as mental stimulation in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise not only gives your dog something to bark about, but improves their wellbeing, helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural issues. 


Our philosophy is to treat every dog as if it was our own, and our mission is to make your dog’s care and happiness our number one priority whilst taking away some of the anxiety you feel about leaving them behind.