Bona-Fido Dog Play Care Day Care

Easily our most popular service and much more than just a walk, Play Group is an interactive and stimulating social gathering providing healthy exercise for your best friends’ body and mind!

Being active and social animals, dogs need to run and play regularly and for most, the chance to socialise and interact with other like minded pooches gives them a joy like no other. Experts agree it’s the key to a happy and fulfilling life, and that interaction that’s both safe and supervised can lead to better behaviour and improved well-being.


At Bona-Fido canine behaviour and development is our passion. We understand just how important the right kind of socialisation can be for a dog, and that’s why we’ve created Play Group - it’s the perfect environment for your dog to make new friends and let off steam. The atmosphere is fun, safe, and social and it’s suitable for big, small, young and old. It’s a great alternative to a short walk or being left alone at home all day, because at Play Group your dog will spend a fun filled 2-3 hours, interacting and playing with other dogs, going on adventure walks, enjoying stimulating games and generally just having a ball.  


During our action packed sessions we focus on playing with, and teaching dogs, whilst understanding their minds, hearts, and behaviours. We provide them with love, work and purpose by practicing one-to-one and group obedience. We encourage nice greetings and safe play, we use toys and obstacles to provide mental and physical stimulation, and we work on good manners like learning to wait patiently for their turn at playtime, not jumping up and walking nicely on the lead.

We’re dedicated to providing quality care whilst giving your dog the best possible experience. The Play Group service includes pick-up and drop-off, we know every single dog individually and all Play Group sessions are fully supervised and take place on our own secure private land, it's a healthy, clean and safe environment for dogs to learn, socialise and exercise.


Play Group places are available to social dogs, but in the interests of group harmony they must attend at least two days per week, it really is the perfect opportunity for your dog to stretch their legs and make new friends. All of the dogs are familiar and friendly and, given time, we even find that life-long friendships develop. Why not give your dog the play it deserves!