Bona-Fido Dog Home Visits Pet Visits & Cat Sitting

For owners who work long hours, or who struggle to get home during their lunch break, we can provide home visits. This enables your pet to stay at home in familiar surroundings with the benefit of providing more security for both them and your home.

If you have a mature or small dog that needs very little exercise, or perhaps needs medical care, we can break up their day with a visit to let them out into the garden, feed them, or administer any medication required. 

Cats are much happier in their own environment, so if you’re planning a short break or holiday, or are sometimes away overnight, you can avoid the stress of a cattery by allowing them to stay in their own home. 

We can check your felines and furry friends on a regular basis so it’s a great alternative to outside boarding or imposing your pets on friends or family. We can arrange up to three visits per day during which we’ll tend to your pets needs, clean hutches, refresh water and replenish food.

You can rely on us to ensure that all spillages and pet mishaps are cleaned away and areas disinfected. In the case of your cat we’ll ensure their litter tray is cleaned and refreshed and we’ll deal with any hunting presents you might have been left! 

We’ll keep you up to date about their well-being via text or email and if you’re returning late in the evening we’ll switch on your home lights and close your curtains. If you’re away we can tidy up your post, water your plants and put out the bins. 

So, if you're away for the day, there’s no need to leave your furry friends home alone again!