Bona-Fido Dog Sitting & Pet Care

As an alternative, or addition to our pet visits, we can provide a pet sitting service that means we’re literally in the doghouse! ...or to be more precise - your dog's house.


If you’re going on holiday or away on business we can arrange to stay in your home and provide your pooch with round the clock care, giving you complete peace of mind that your pets, property and possessions will be secure in your absence.


Knowing your dog is being cared for in their own familiar environment without disruption to their normal routine, is a solution preferred by many owners who wish to avoid a stressful stay at the kennels for their best friend.  


In addition to the care of your pets we’ll water your plants, collect your post and put out the bins. We’ll even make sure there are fresh groceries for your return.


We provide our own bedding, food and drink, and when you return, you’ll find your home exactly as you left it - with a calm and relaxed dog who will be more than pleased to greet you.


No kennels, no cages, no stress - just holiday.