Bona-Fido Group Dog Walks

Dogs are social animals, so in order to be happy and balanced it’s important that they walk together and interact with their own kind as well as with humans. This is why we walk mainly in groups, and realising just how important social interaction is for our canine friends, we’ve worked really hard to provide them with the perfect environment in which to enjoy each others company - so most of our group walks are conducted on our own private land.


We have five and a half acres of beautiful meadowland exclusively for the use of the Bona-Fido dogs. It’s securely fenced and surrounded by mature trees and dense hedgerows, and from here we have access to a network of private farm tracks and woodland walks across more than seven hundred acres of Warwickshire’s finest countryside. It’s the perfect environment – away from the public, secure, safe, and above all – risk free.  


We never walk more than six dogs to a group and because different dogs have varying levels of energy, we always walk compatible dogs together.


We also know that every dog displays their own character and whilst we welcome spirited individuals, we can only accept dogs that socialise well, so it’s important that your dog doesn’t show any sign of aggression and is above all friendly.


Group walks include pick-up and drop-off from your own home and your dog will receive an absolute minimum of one hours exercise, although most walks usually last for up to two hours. After an action packed walk and play session during which your dog will experience fun and games with other happy and friendly dogs, they will be returned home, tired, happy and content. 


Sorry – but for obvious reasons, we're unable to accept bitches in season on our group walks.