Canine First Responder Animal First Aid Training

Canine First Responder

We’re not just experienced in animal first aid, we all hold the canine first responder qualification. Canine First Responders are trained to the level of being able to perform emergency canine CPR, (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). We're taught primary and secondary health care protocols in exactly the same way as advanced (human) medical staff and are skilled at helping sick or injured dogs. Like a paramedic, we’re trained to attend the scene of an accident or injury and can treat and stabilize an injured animal until they can be evacuated to more advanced medical care. We all carry individual canine first aid kits, so with us, your dog could not be in safer hands. 

Please Note: Because of the Data Protection Act we are unable to publish individual staff members certificates on our website, however we have all been trained to this very high standard and we each hold this certificate. These are available for inspection at your initial consultation meeting.